Product Overview

Transformer turns ratio test is very important in order to find out the transformer has the right ratio corresponding on its rated voltage in primary and secondary. SXTTR-II is single phase, automatically test set specially designed for turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current measurements of power, distribution and instrument transformer.


♦ Auto measuring transformer connection groups.

♦ Auto converting the group.

♦ Auto switching phase sequence.

♦ Auto switching measuring range.

♦ Auto calibrating.

♦ Auto calculateing relative error after input standard turns ratio.

♦ Auto cut off test voltage after one test completed.

♦ Data setting, final data saved automatically, historical data can be browsed.

♦ When test load transformer, only need to input one turns ratio.


♦ Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±1;

♦ Ratio span: 1-10000;

♦ Display: Large LCD screen;

♦ Accuracy: 1-999.99 0.2% 1000-9999.9 0.5 %;

♦ Test voltage: H.V : AC 190V(Selectable); L.V.: AC 0.19V~190V (vary with ratio);

♦ Operation condition: Ambient temperature -10~40ºC; Ambient humidity < 85% RH;