Product Overview

AC resonant test system is used for factory testing of middle, high and ultra-high voltage cables, capacitors, generators, motors, power transformers and gas-insulated switchgears.

The resonant test systems can be either in insulation cylinder type or metal tank. Insulation cylinder reactors are in module and can be stacked to connect in series parallel to get much higher voltage or current. Additional voltage taps are possible for metal tank reactors. The output voltage is fed out through the tap-changers by HV bushings. This kind of reactors extend application range, and satisfy testing for cables of various voltage class.

Test object and requirements

1. 110KV busbar, testing frequency is 20-300Hz, testing voltage 185kV.

2. 110KV line insulator, switchgear, GIS, which test object without capacity. Testing frequency is 30-300Hz, the largest testing voltage 265kV.

3. 110kV,500mm2 cable 6000m, testing frequency is 30-300Hz, testing voltage 128kV.

4. 110KV/6300000KVA neutral point connect with earth main transformer directly, testing frequency is 30-300Hz, testing voltage 76KV.

5. 35KV,300mm2 cable 12000m, testing frequency is 30-300Hz, testing voltage 52KV.

6. 220KV 800mm2 cable 3000m , testing frequency is 30-300Hz, testing voltage 216KV.


This Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System SXBP-5400kVA/72kV, 216kV, 432KV was consisted by following units:

♦ Variable Frequency Power Generator SXBP-250KW/220V, 380V 1 set

♦ HV Divider FRC-400KV/0.001-1000PF 1 set

♦ Exciting Transformer SXJB-250KVA/5KV /10KV/20KV 1 set

♦ HV Reactor SXDK-900kVA/72kV 6 pieces

♦ Accessories Box (connection wires)


Main Technical Data
Rated capacity: 5400 kVA
Input power supply: 220V, 380V, 50Hz
Rated voltage: 72kV/216kV/432kV
Rated current: 75A/25A/12.5A
Working Frequency: 30-300Hz
Output waveform: sine wave
Waveform distortion rate: ≤1%
Working time: Constant working of 60mins under rated load. Working of 1min, under 1.1 times of rated voltage
Temperature rise: ≤65K after constant working of 60mins under rated load
Quality factor: Q ≥30 (f=45Hz)
Protective function: Over-current, over-voltage and flashover protections for test object.
Accuracy: 1.5% (RMS)

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