Product Overview

Series Dry Testing Transformer, also be called booster, which can provide AC DC high voltage as HV source for on-site HV test. It is essential for the dielectric strength test on the various electric products and insulated tool material.

GTB Sansion dry transformers are virtually maintenance free and are manufactured in accordance with industry and international standards including ISO 9001.


♦ Small size, light weight, impact design, nice appearance.

♦ Coil winding epoxy vacuum pouring, Cold-rolled silicon steel winding corn, less leakage flux.

♦ Low temperature rise

♦ High moisture-proof capability.


♦ Impendence: ≤ 12 %

♦ Output voltage waveform: Sine wave

♦ Surface temperature rise: < 55 ℃

♦ No-load current: < 4 %

♦ Continuous working duty: 1 hour