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Metal Oxide Arrester (MOA) Tester SXYZ-IV



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SXYZ-IV Metal Oxide Arrester Tester is a preventive on-line/on-site test tool to check the health of Metal Oxide Arresters of different voltage levels. It can detect dangerous problems inside the arresters such as insulation moisture and valve plate aging.

♦  Large LCD screen, English interface, easy to operate.

♦  Measurement process is controlled by SCM, MOA’s measuring including: full current, resistive current and harmonic, power frequency reference voltage and harmonic, active power and phase difference, the current and voltage true waveform to be displayed in LCD screen.

♦  High precision sampling and processing, advanced Fourier harmonic analysis technology, to ensure the test data be more reliable. Fundamental harmonica and 3~7 times’ harmonic content could be analyzed accurately.

♦  High speed magnetic isolating sensor to sample the input voltage and current signal directly, and guarantee the reliability and security of data.

♦  PT secondary wire connection could be instead by electric inducting or wireless transmitting.

♦  Resistive current could be measured directly without connecting PT secondary.

♦  Six test ways is more convenient for the user.

♦  Three phases measuring simultaneously and auto compensated.

♦  Designed with resistive current fundamental harmonic peak value output and side phase calibrating functions.

♦  Build-in high speed printer, and rechargeable battery.

♦  120 groups data storage.


♦  Full current measuring range: 0~10mA effective value

    Accuracy: ±(read×5%+5uA)

♦  Resistive current fundamental harmonic measuring accuracy (wire exclude phase interference): ±(read×5%+5uA)

♦  Current harmonic measuring accuracy: ±(read×10%+10uA)

♦  Current channel input resistance: ≤2Ω

♦  Reference voltage input range: 25V~250V (effective value)  

    Accuracy: ±(read×5%+0.5V)

♦  Voltage harmonic measuring accuracy: ±(read×10%)

♦  Reference voltage channel input resistance: ≥1800kΩ

♦  Battery duty: continuously working above 8 hours       

♦  Battery charging: Above 6 hours

♦  AC charging: AC 220V ±10%,50Hz ±1%   

♦  Weight: 5kg (exclude cable box)

♦  Oversize: 34cm×22cm×20cm