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Grid Earth Resistance Tester SXDW-II



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SXDW-II Grid Earth Resistance Tester is applicable for measurement on power frequency earth impedance, characteristic parameter and soil resistivity of various ground equipments, and the test of substation earth grid (4Ω), power generator, micro-wave station (10Ω), arrester (10Ω).

♦  Adopts new pilot frequency AC power, micro-controller and signal process measurement, resolve interference problem, simplify test process, improve accuracy and precision.

♦  Good power frequency equivalence, sine waveform test current. Only 5Hz difference between its frequency and power frequency. Double frequency tests: 45Hz &55Hz .

♦  High anti-interference capability. Pilot frequency test, advanced filter technique.

♦  High accuracy. Error: 0.005Ω. It can be used to measure large grid with small impedance.

♦  Can test current pile, voltage pile, earth resistance, contact voltage

♦  English friendly interface, easy to operate.

♦  Test range: 1MΩ~200Ω

♦  Resolution: 0.001Ω

♦  Test error: ± (Read×2%+0.005Ω)

♦  Measuring current waveform: Sine

♦  Anti-interference capability: power frequency 50Hz / 10V

♦  Measuring current frequency: 45Hz, 55Hz Double frequency

♦  Max. Output current: 5A

♦  Max. Output voltage: 400V

♦  Test wire demand: Current wire Copper core cross-sectional area≥1.5mm2

 Voltage wire Copper core cross-sectional area≥1.0mm2

♦  Power Supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz

♦  Oversize: 440×350×210

♦  Weight: 10kg