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SF6 Gas Detector

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SF6 Leakage Detector (Quantitative) SXQ-L



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SXQ-L SF6 Leakage Detector is applied for qualitative and quantitative detection on SF6 equipment, vessel of power electric, manufacturer, chemical industry, fire equipments, atomic physics researching divisions and etc.

♦  High sensitivity and stability.

♦  Fast speed response and portable.

♦  Probe will not be poisoning, and no poisonous gas when processing.

♦  LCD screen to show the gas concentration.

♦  Alarm function: When the test concentration is more than the setting limit, the detector is auto alarming.

♦  Measuring range(SF6):   0.01ppm~500ppm(volume ratio) 

♦  Response duration:   No more than 3 seconds.

♦  Indicating: LCD, sound and light alarm

♦  Alarm setting range: 0.01ppm~500ppm(volume ratio) 

♦  Vacuum pump speed:             0.5 L/ second

♦  Vacuum tube length:       4m

♦  Continuous duty:No more than 4 hours 

♦  Working condition: AC 220V 50Hz    Temperature  7℃-40℃ 

♦  Power:about 180W