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Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester ( For Insulation Oil) SXY-J



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SXY-J Oil Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester, also called Automatic Precision Oil Dissipation Factor Tester, which conforms to IEC 60247 and national standard GB/T5654-2007, widely used to test dielectric loss factor of insulation oil and etc insulation medium. Integrated by dielectric loss oil vessel, temperature controller, temperature sensor, test bridge, AC power supply, reference capacitor, megger, DC HV source and etc advanced measuring principle and digitization technology, SXYJS makes your operation be more easy, convenient and fast. 

♦  Fully automatic, temperature rising and dissipation measuring could be completed by one time.

♦  Large color touch screen, fully English interface.

♦  Oil vessel is three-electrode type, pole’s gap is 2mm, to eliminate the stray capacitance and leakage influence on the measuring results.

♦  Heating by medium frequency induction method, PID temperature controlling algorithm. The oil vessel is not contacted with heating unit, heating uniformly fast and controlled easily, so that to control the temperature within the pre setting error range.

    Adopts advance DSP and FFT technology, to ensure the data’s stability, accuracy and reliability.

♦  The reference capacitor is SF6 gas three three-electrode type, which dielectric loss and capacitance will not be effected by environment temperature, humidity and etc, to ensure the high precision even the tester was used for a long time.

♦  Designed with warm indications, such as: HV stopping, oil vessel’s HV/LV electrode short circuit, to ensure the operator’s safety and tester’s operating in good condition.

♦  Real time clock, the test date and time could be stored, displayed and printed with test data. Tester could detect and display the environmental temperature.

♦  Auto stored test data, total storage is 100 groups.

♦  Empty electrode vessel calibrating function. To measure the capacitance and dissipation factor of empty electrode vessel, to detect the clearance and assembling condition of it. The calibrating data could be auto stored, it’s convenient to calculate the relative permittivity precisely.

♦   Measuring range:    


                   Relative permittivity: 1.000~30.000

Dielectric loss:0.00001~100

♦  Measuring precision:

Capacitance:±(1% reading+0.5pF)

Relative permittivity: ±1% reading

Dielectric loss:±(1% reading +0.0001)

♦  Resolution:               


Relative permittivity: 0.001

Dielectric loss:0.00001

♦  Temperature controlling range:0~125℃

♦  Temperature controlling precision:±0.5℃

♦  Output voltage:500~2000V adjustable continuously

♦  Working supply:AC220V±10%  50HZ±10%

♦  Working temperature: 0~40℃

♦  Power consumption: <200 W

♦  Relative humidity:≤80% no condensation

♦  Oversize:  420mm*380mm*385mm

♦  Weight:   21Kg