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Oil Dew Point Tester SX-303



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SX-303 Oil Dew Point Tester is applied to measure precisely trace moisture that sample contains. SX-303 adopts large electrolytic current and current auto controlling, test results to be displayed in digital directly, and widely used in measuring moisture contains of petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, food, explosive, paint, raw mineral materials and etc.

♦  Controlled by computer, test results to be printed automatically and can be stored for longtime.

♦  High precise measuring electrode signal and circuit detection make the electrolytic end decision quickly and precisely with strong anti-interference ability.

♦  Control unit can be used independently without computer.

♦  Unit: Microgram(µg) water

♦  Electrolytic current: 0-400 mA, auto controlling.

♦  Measuring range: 0.1µg―100%

♦  Sensitivity: 0.1µg (H2O)

♦  Accuracy: 10µg-300µg(H2O) no more than 0.3%;

   300µg-1mg(H2O) no more than 0.4%;

    >1mg (H2O) no more than 0.5%

♦  Power supply: 220V 50Hz

♦  Power: consumption: 30vA

♦  Working temperature: 5℃―40℃

♦  Working humidity: ≤80%