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DC Winding Resistance Tester

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DC Winding Resistance Tester SXZRS Series (Three Phases)



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Also called: DC Resistance Meter, DC Meter, Transformer DC Resistance Tester, Inductive Load DC Resistance Tester.

SXZRS Series DC Winding Resistance Tester (Three Phases) is applied for DC resistance three phases measuring synchronously of large capacity transformer winding. It is also can regulate and tap connect the load regulating transformer directly without discharging. 

♦  Small size, light weight.

♦  English interface, easy to operate.

♦  Measuring fast and accurately.

♦  Auto discharging and indicating, safe and reliable.

♦  The neutral outgoing winding test at Y connection, the tester can adopt three phase synchronous measurement method, to test the DC resistance of A0, B0, and C0.   

♦  Counter potential protecting function.

♦  500 groups’ storage.

♦  Large LCD screen, build-in printer.

♦  Output current (Current range is at your customized):

    Three phase test: 2*10A, 2*5A, 2*2A 

    Single phase test: 20A, 10A, 2A

♦  Measuring rage:  


    2*5A: 1mΩ~1Ω

    2*2A: 2.5mΩ~2.5Ω

    20A:  250μΩ~1Ω

    10A:  500μΩ~2Ω

     2A:   2.5mΩ~10Ω

♦  Resolution:   0.1μΩ

♦  Measuring precision:   ±(0.2%+2digits)

♦  Oversize: 420mm×250mm×340mm

♦  Weight: 13kg

♦  Working condition:  -10℃~50℃

♦  Environmental humidity:≤85%RH

♦  Power supply:AC220V±10%  50±1Hz