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Cable Identifier SXT-601



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SXT-601 Cable Identifier is designed to identify a special one within a group of cables during the power cable’s setting up, moving, maintaining and faults processing. It’s suitable for all kinds of HV & LV cables.

  • ♦ Can identify energized or de-energized cable.

  • ♦ The system is composed by signal transmitter, receiver, transmit clamp, receive clamp and some connection leads.

  • ♦ Large power current pulse output.

  • ♦ On-site receiving signal is clear.

  • ♦ Light weight, high sensitivity and anti-interference ability.

  • ♦ To identify needed cable with or without electric.

  • ♦ Accurate and fast identifying.

  • ♦ Reliable protective circuit.

  • ♦ Large diameter clamp suitable for all kinds of section surface cable.

  • ♦ Build-in large power insulated transformer, there is no any electrical contact between mains supply and user.


  • ♦ Max. pulse peak value output current: 20A

  • ♦ Pulse repetition rate: 1 time/2 seconds.

  • ♦ Power supply: AC220V(±10%),Power:100W

  • ♦ Weight: 8kG


  • ♦ Sensitivity: 40dB

  • ♦ Power supply: 2 X 5# batteries

  • ♦ Weight: 0.2kG