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Water Cooled Generator Insulation Tester SXWG



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SXWG Water Cooled Generator Insulation Tester is designed to test for water cooled generator, and insulation test onsite or laboratory.

♦ LCD screen, English interface, easy to operate.

♦ Auto calculates absorption ratio, and auto save the data per 15 seconds/ 1 minute/ 2 minutes/ 10 minutes.

♦ Large output current, short circuit current is more than 20mA.

♦ HV generating module is enclosed completely, build-in protective resistor, safe and reliable.

♦ High anti-interference ability, suitable for onsite operating at HV substation.

♦ Auto discharging after test completed, and discharging process to be monitored by real time.

♦ Rechargeable battery, continuous working duty is 10-12 hours. Packing with charger.

♦ Accuracy:±5%

♦ Measuring range: 0.1M~1TΩ

♦ Test voltage:2500V  

♦ Shot circuit current:>20mA

♦ Measuring duration:1 minute~10 minutes(depends on measuring method)

♦ Recharging supply: 180~270VAC  ,50Hz/60Hz±1% (Mains supply or generator)

♦ Battery: Large capacity Lithium battery(4000mAH/36V)

♦ RS232 port.(option)

♦ Working condition: Temperature -10~40℃,Relative humidity 20~80%