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Radio Interference Test Set SXGR-I



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SXGR-I Radio Interference Test Set is designed to detect the conducted interference of HV equipments. It is especially suitable for transformer and CT/PT manufacturer, electric power, railroad airport users and etc.

♦ Widely uses.

♦ High precision.

♦ Light weight, small volume, portable and suitable for onsite test.

♦ It has AV and QP two detection methods, can measure radiated interference and field intensity after equipped with antenna.

♦  Frequency range: 150KHz~1.5MHz

♦  Control unit frequency stability:1×10-6/day

♦  LCD screen to display test signal frequency, frequency resolution: 10Hz

♦  Terminal voltage measuring range:

     Frequency: 150 KHz~1.5MHz

     Min. measurable voltage: ≤10(typical value can reach 0dBμV)~110dBμV

     Max. Measurable voltage: outside connects fixed attenuator20dB, upper limit can reach: 130dBμV (3.16V)

♦  Terminal voltage measuring error: ≤±2dB

♦  Calibration: Sine synchronization auto calibrating.

♦  Field intensity measuring range:

     Optional SR30251whip antenna, measurable: 10~130dBμV /m   (1μV/m = 0dB)

     Optional SR30253 loop antenna, measurable 20~130dBμV /m   (1μV/m = 0dB)

♦  Field intensity measuring error: ≤±3dB

♦  Detection: AV, QP

♦  Measuring:manual/auto(press key to switch)

♦  Measuring time interval setting:1ms~99s (selectable)

♦  Transmission band:(-6dB bandwidth)9KHz±1KHz

♦  Intermediate frequency rejection: ≥40dB

♦  Image rejection: ≥40dB

♦  Combination interference rejection:

     Below rejection is not less than 40dB

     nƒL±ƒI ,ƒL±ƒI ,ƒ0 (n,m and K is normality)

     ƒL——Local oscillation frequency

     ƒI——Intermediate frequency

     ƒ0——Input signal tuning frequency

♦  Error caused by background noise is not higher than 1dB

♦  Shielding:

     In 3V/m electromagnetic environment, error caused by test reception max. and min. value is not higher than 1dB。

♦  Overload series:

     1)Before detection: Higher than 30dB

     2)After detection: Lower than 12dB

♦  Detector time constant:

     1)Average (AV): Charge-discharge time constant is not higher than 1ms

     2)Auasipeak(QP): Charge time constant: 1ms±20%

     3)Discharge time constant:160ms±20%

♦  Display machinery time constant (damping coefficient): 160ms±20%

♦  Pulse:

     1)Absolute pulse characteristic (Pulse amplitude response)

           To the pulse signal which spectrum density is 0.316μVs, repetition frequency is 100Hz, and 66dB, the effective value sine signal read error is not higher than ±1.5dB。

     2)Relative pulse characteristic ( pulse repetition frequency response, measure by manual, accurate as the max. read).

           Repetition frequency(Hz)  Relative output(dB)

           Single pulse         -23.5±2.0

           1                             -22.5±2.0

           2                             -20.5±2.0

          10                           -10.0±1.5

          20                           -6.5±1.0

          100                         0

          1000                       +4.5±1.0

♦  Rated input impedance: 50Ω