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SXDL-330 Cable Fault Locating System



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The system is including:

1.    SXDL-330S Cable Fault Tester

2.    SXDL-330D Cable Fault Locator

3.    SXDL-330L Route Tracer

4.    Other accessories.

♦   LCD screen.

♦   The distance from test to failure location can be displayed directly.

♦   Build in printer, test results and waveform can be stored automatically.

SXDL-330 S Cable Fault Tester

Suitable for various different cross section/material power cables, high frequency coaxial cable, local cable, street lamp cable, underground cable low impedance, short circuit, open circuit broken fault, high impedance leakage and high impedance flash over fault.


♦   Test distance: ≤15km

♦   The min. test distance (dead zone): 15-20m.

♦   Rough test error: ±2%, locating error: ±0.2m

♦   Sampling rate: 25MHz

♦   640×200 LCD with backlight.

♦   Storage: 8k byte.

♦   Display resolution: V/50m, V is propagation velocity m/μS.

♦   Build-in printer

♦   Power supply: AC 200V±10%, power consumption is less than 25W, DC 6V, 7AH, non-leakage storage battery.

♦   Oversize: (L×W×H)  430×320×245mm


SXDL-330D Cable Fault Locator

It’s used to locate the fault point accurately.


♦   Sensitivity: When input signal frequency is 300Hz, amplitude is 10μV, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is 20:1, the distortionless output V0>2.5V.

♦   Output impedance: 4-40(Ω) Low impedance output.

♦   Power consumption: V=9V, quiescent current sounding is less than 12mA, sound magnetic synchronous less than 18mA.

♦   Power supply: 9V dry battery.

♦   Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃

♦   Oversize: 210×125×150mm


SXDL-330L Route Tracer

Route tracing signal source, to be equipped with locator to find the route of underground cable.

♦   Output fixed frequency make-and-break square signal.

♦   Output power: Pomax≥100W

♦   Output Impedance: 1Ω-∞

♦   Signal frequency: 16KHZ

♦   Power Supply: 200V±10%  50HZ

♦   Oversize: 435×330×210mm (with carry case)