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Relay Protection Tester

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Relay Protection Tester SXJB-II (Single Phase)



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SXJB-II is designed with advanced power technology, have full function, reliable material, clear test items data, easy to operate. It’s the first choice for electric power replay divisions.

♦  Measuring relay: To measure the starting value, returned value and returned factor of current/ voltage relay.

♦  Time relay: To measure the starting value, returned value and action time.

♦  Intermediate reply: To measure starting value, returned value, keeping value and action time of various intermediate reply with starting and holding coil.

♦  Reclosing rely: Capacitor charging test, charging test, reclosing time and intermediate unit test.

♦  Differential reply: DC exciting test, braking characteristic test, volt-ampere characteristic test.

♦  And others unusual relays.

Working condition

♦ Power supply:AC220V+10%  50Hz

♦ Temperature:-10℃~40℃

♦ Humidity:≤85%

♦ Atmosphere:86~106Kpa

Output supply

♦ AC Voltage:0~220V/3A

♦ AC Current:0~100A/7.5V

♦ 0~20A/25V

♦ 0~5A/5V

♦ DC Voltage:0~220V/3A

♦ DC Current:0~20A/25V

♦ Fixed Output:DC24V DC48V DC110V DC220V

♦ Current/Voltage meter:41/2 digits

♦ Digital millisecond meter:0~99.9999s