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Protection Relay Tester SXJB-6600



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Protection systems play a key role for the safe and reliable operation of today’s electricity power systems. Properly working protection devices help to maintain the safety of the system and to safeguard assets from damage. SXJB-6600 Protection Relay Tester is the essential test tool for relay protection technicians.

  • ♦ To meet all the test requirements. 6 phase current and 6 phase voltage output simultaneously. Current 30A/phase, voltage 125V/phase.  6 phase current paralleled can reached to 180A. It’s not only can test on traditional relays and protection devices, but also can test on various microcomputer protection, especially better test for transformer differential protection and automatic bus transfer device.

  • ♦ Can run independently, high performance IPC, CPU 300--600MHz, RAM 128M, HDD 6-12G, Window XP system. It also can be outside connected with computer.

  • ♦ Stainless steel panel and keyboard, touch type mouse.

  • ♦ 8.4 inch TFT true color screen.

  • ♦ High fidelity linear power amplifier, to ensure small current’s precision, and large current’s stability.

  • ♦ USB port, to connect with PC directly.

  • ♦ To be connected with laptop easily.

  • ♦ GPS synchronous test function. Build-in GPS card (option), to be connected with PC via RS232 port. To realize two testers can test synchronously even at the different site.

  • ♦ Equipped with independent special auxiliary DC voltage source, output voltage is 110V (1A), 220V (0.6A). To provide DC working power supply for relay or protection devices.

  • ♦ Self calibration.

♦  AC power source:

             Amplitude range:       6×(0-30A) Precision:0.2%

             6 phase current paralleled max. output:: 180A

             Phase current long term allowable working value: 10A

    Power:  450VA/phase

    6 phase paralleled max. power: 1000VA

    6 phase paralleled allowable max. output duty: 10s

    Frequency range:0--1000Hz;  Accuracy:0.001Hz

    Harmonic order: 2—20 times;   Phase position: 0--360°; Precision:0.1°

♦   DC voltage source:

     Amplitude:30A/phase; Power: 300VA/phase; Accuracy: 0.2%

♦   AC voltage source:

    Amplitude range :6 ×(0--125V);  Precision: 0.2%

    Line voltage range: 0--250V

    Phase voltage/Line voltage output power: 80VA/100VA

    Frequency range: 0--1000Hz; Precision: 0.001Hz

    Harmonic order:  2—20 times

♦   DC voltage source:

     Phase voltage output amplitude:0--±150V;   Precision:0.2%

     Line voltage output amplitude:0--±300V;   

     Phase voltage/Line voltage output power:90VA/180VA

♦   Switching value terminal::

     Switching value input terminal: 8 pairs

     Idle contact: 1--20mA,24V inner source

     Potential switching:0--6VDC is low level

                                           15--250VDCis high level.

     Switching value output terminal: 4 pairs

     Idle contact, interrupting capacity:110V/2A,220V/1A。

♦   Time measuring range:

     Range: 1ms~9999s;    Precision: 0.1ms

♦   Power supply:

     AC220V±10%;   50Hz  10A