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Relay Protection Tester

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Protection Relay Tester SXJB-3400



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Protection systems play a key role for the safe and reliable operation of today’s electricity power systems. Properly working protection devices help to maintain the safety of the system and to safeguard assets from damage. SXJB-3400 Protection Relay Tester is the essential test tool for relay protection technicians.

  • ♦ Enhanced function.

  • ♦ Great human interface.

  • ♦ Rotary mouse to operate easily.

  • ♦ Can be used per unit or connected with a laptop.


Current Output


Phase current output (effective value)                0-40A/per phase

Three phase current output(effective value)      0-120A

Phase current long time allowed working value (effective): 10A/per phase

Phase current max. output capacity:                    450VA

Three phase current max. capacity @120A:       900VA

Three phase current allowed working duty:        30s

Three phase current allowed working duty @120A:   15s

Frequency range(fundamental wave)                   0-1000Hz

Harmonic times:    1-9 times


Phase current output:                              0-±10A/per phase

Max. output load voltage:                       20V

Voltage Output


Phase voltage output (effective value)                       0-120V

Line voltage output (effective value)                           0-240V

Phase voltage /Line voltage output power                50VA/100VA

Frequency range(fundamental wave)                        0-1000Hz

Harmonic times:     1-9 times


Phase voltage output amplitude                              0-±160V

Line voltage output amplitude                                  0-±320V

Phase voltage /Line voltage output power            50VA/100VA

Switching Input

Idle contact:1-20mA,24V

Potential contact input: 0—+6V,read as “0”, contact close; +11V—+250V read as“1”,contact open.

Switching Output

Idle contact      DC: 220V/0.2A;  AC: 220V/0.5A

Time Measuring

Range:   0.1ms-9999s

Power Supply Voltage

Allowed range:    AC220V±10%,50/60Hz

Environmental Temperature:

Allowed range:    -10℃-  +50℃

Precision within rated range


AC phase current                                              <0.2%

AC large current terminal output                    <0.2%

DC current                                                          <0.2%


AC voltage                                                          <0.2%

DC voltage                                                         <0.2%


Frequency precision(@50Hz)                         <0.01Hz

Phase position precision                                  <0.5O

Harmonic distortion degree                             <0.5%

Time measuring precision                               <0.1ms