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Relay Protection Tester

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Protection Relay Tester SXJB-3300



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Protection systems play a key role for the safe and reliable operation of today’s electricity power systems. Properly working protection devices help to maintain the safety of the system and to safeguard assets from damage. SXJB-3300 Protection Relay Tester is the essential test tool for relay protection technicians.

♦  Large LCD screen.

♦  4 phases voltage 3 phases current outputs. Each phase can output 120V, current at three paralleled can reach 120A, the fourth phase voltage Ux has multi functions, which could be set as 4 kinds 3Uo or synchronous voltage, or any one voltage value. 

♦  Good heat dissipation, long duration of large current output.

♦  Enough on-off contacts: 7 channels contact inputs and 2 pair’s idle contacts outputs. The input contact is idle and can be compatible with 0~250V potential contacts and identify automatically. Input/output contact numbers can be customized according user’s requirements.

♦  High output precision and anti-interference.

♦  High fidelity power amplifier and high-speed digital signal processor.

♦  Build-in IPC, can operate with outside laptop.

♦  Panel with keyboard.

♦  Over-heat, over-current, over-voltage and short circuit protections.

♦  Friendly English interface, easy to operate.

♦  One channel 110V and 220V independent DC source output

♦  Auto generating WORD format test report and is editable.

AC Current Output:

♦ Output precision:  0.5 degree

♦ Phase current output (effective value): 0~40A 

♦ Three paralleled current output (effective value): 0~120A

♦ Phase current long allowed working value (effective value): 10A

♦ Phase current max. output power: 420VA

♦ Three paralleled current Max. output power @ max. Output: 900VA

♦ Three paralleled current allowed working duty @ max. output: 10s

♦ Frequency range (fundamental harmonic): 20~1000Hz

♦ Harmonic Times: 1~20 times


DC Current Output:

♦ Output precision: 0.5 degree

Current output: 0~±10A / phase,0~±30A / three paralleled

♦ Max. output load voltage: 20V


AC Voltage Output:

♦ Output precision: 0.5 degree

♦ Phase voltage output (effective value): 0~120V

♦ Line voltage output (effective value): 0~240V

♦ Phase voltage / line voltage output power: 80VA / 100VA

♦ Frequency range(basic harmonic): 20~1000Hz

♦ Harmonic Times: 1~20 times


DC Voltage Output:

♦ Output precision: 0.5 degree

♦ Phase voltage output amplitude: 0~±160V

♦ Line voltage output amplitude: 0~±320V

♦ Phase voltage / line voltage output power: 70VA / 140VA


On-Off & Time Measurement





On-Off Input

7 Channels

Idle contact:   1~20mA,24V

Potential contact: “0”:0~ +6V; “1”:+11 V~ +250V

On-Off Output

2 Pairs


Time Measurement

Range: 0.1ms ~ 9999s    Precision: 0.1mS


♦ Oversize: 400×300×180mm³

♦ Weight: 22kg

♦ Power Supply: AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz

♦ Environmental temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃