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Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer SXBR-Z



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SXBR-Z Winding Deformation Analyzer is used to detect transformer winding movements and mechanical failures due to mechanical shock, transportation or short circuits. Detection of these displacements ahead of a dielectric failure can reduce unplanned maintenance costs, and provide the possibility to improve system reliability by preventing outages. Additionally, when damage is discovered, repairs may be targeted to a specific phase winding.

Also called: Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer ( FRA Test Set )

Advanced DDS frequency sweeping technology. 

Double power supply: AC220V±10%, build-in battery 6V5AH.

High speed resolution signal sampling, high amplitude resolution, test accurately.

Multi mathematical analysis methods, to provide scientific reference for on-site diagnose.

Double channels 16 digits AD sampling.

Large color touch screen, light is adjustable.

120 groups data storage, uploaded to PC.

Strong upper computer software, curve analysis, print and generate to word format.

USB communication between PC and control unit.

Oversize: 35cm *21cm*21cm

Weight: about 5KG

6 modes scan method:

Linear source:

1K-1000KHZ_1.0  source point  1KHZ       1000

1K-1000KHZ_0.5  source point  0.5KHZ       2000

1K-2000KHZ_1.0  source point  1KHZ       2000

1K-2000KHZ_0.5  source point  0.5KHZ       4000

Segmentation source:

100HZ - 1000KHZ  source point  1440

100HZ - 2000KHZ  source point  2440

Measurement range:



Measurement precision:



Frequency sweeping precision:

less than 0.01%


Signal input impedance:



Signal output impedance:



Same test repetition:



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