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Celebrate ! Sansion successfully participated 2019 International Power Industry Exhibition.

06-12   未知 Cici
The 2019 International Power Industry (Wuhan) Expo was grandly launched at the Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center. Sansion was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing a variety of intelligent power detection equipment.

At the expo, Sansion brought mature technologies and products that have been well received in the power industry, such as Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System, Relay protection testers, and Cable Fault Tester.

In this exhibition, Sansion intervened in the exhibition with the attitude of service, and will most intuitively feel the shape, quality, performance, service, etc. of the product, and close the distance between the customer and Sansion, which will be the transaction behavior. Transform into a form of experience service. A good user experience makes customers more confident in Sansion.