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SXVLF-80/1.1 VLF AC Hipot Test Set Delivered To Argentina

12-03   Sansion Power CiCi
Sansion VLF AC Hipot Test Set SXVLF-80/1.1 designed for Argentina clients were shipped to Argentina on 3rd.December. 

In terms of contract execution, quality control, logistics control, on-site coordination and schedule control, all departments adhere to high standards and strict requirements, unite and cooperate, overcome difficulties, comprehensively control all key points, and carefully do every detail and do it. Good production quality inspection work, achieving safety and reliability, accurate measurement and other goals.n the factory test, the performance indicators of the VLF AC Hipot Test Set are better than the standard requirements. Please contact us  sansionpower@hotmail.com or sales@sansionpower.com Ms.Yingying  for more details