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HV Switchgear Test Set

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SXGK HV/LV Switchgear Panel Testing Bench



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SXGK Series HV/LV Switch Cabinet Test Bench is mainly applied for ex-work energized testing for high voltage and low voltage cabinet manufacturers. The test bench could provide various AC/DC power source, in order to detect switch cabinet.

♦ Reading directly: Digital meters to display current, voltage, power factor test value.

♦ Measuring accurately: High precision, test value is accurate.

♦ Full protections: Each circuit is with air switch protection.

♦ Portable: Small size, light weight, easy to move.

Main Technical specifications:

♦ Input: 3 phase 4 line AC 380V

♦ Output voltage and current:

    3 phase AC 0-50A output (10V, adjustable) one group

    3 phase AC 100V output (fixed value) one group

♦ AC operating voltage output is AC 0-380V, 220V, the current is conventional and adjustable.

♦ DC operating voltage output DC 0-300V adjustable.

♦ Single phase AC 220V output (fixed value, plug type) two groups

♦ 3 phase 4 line AC 380V output (fixed value, wiring port) one group.

♦  Necessary output units to be increased output protection, and equipped with air switch.

♦  Power supply: AC 110V/115V/120V/127V/220V/230V/240V is optional

♦  Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz is optional