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Sansion RTS Acceptance & Training Service On Cambodian Substation

01-19   SansionPower Ying Ying

SXBP-528KVA/440KV Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System (RTS) purchased by Cambodia National Electric Engineering Corporation completed ex-work testing and shipped to Phnom Penh.

Per sales contract, after this system arrived at testing site, Sansion Power would provide technical support service accordingly.

8th January, 2016, Sansion Power engineer arrived at testing site which was a new substation about 500km far from Phnom Penh. This new substation will be put in to operation soon.

SXBP series Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System has two measuring modes: by auto or manual. The long duration withstand voltage testing usually is selected as auto mode. After setting the voltage degree and withstand time, the resonant test system started testing. The technician should monitor the operation status of withstand duration, to find and give performance detection results of cable accordingly. If there was no breakdown occurred, and discharging sound was normal, that means the cable’s withstand voltage was in good performance and could be put in to operation.   

After acceptance completed successfully, Sansion Power engineer gave a training service for the onsite technicians, explained the testing principle and operation guide in details. Sansion Power engineer’s professions and meticulousness was impressed deeply to the clients, both two parties were looking forward the further cooperation including the technical researching and developing.

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