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AC Resonant Test System

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SXBP Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System



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Product Description

SXBP-528kVA/440kV Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System 
The system is consisted by below units:  
√ Variable Frequency Power Generator
√ HV Divider
√ Exciting Transformer
√ HV Reactor
√ Compensation Capacitor (optional)
 Accessories Box (connection wires)




Test Object and Requirement

The system is specially designed for AC withstand voltage test for below items, with below specifications andrequirements.    
AC withstand voltage test for 80MVA/220kV.
AC withstand voltage for 103MW generator, test voltage 22.95kV. 
AC withstand voltage for 203KV GIS, max. test voltage 440kV.


 Technical Data 
√  Rated capacity: 528kVA
√  Input power supply: three phase 380V, 50Hz
√  Rated voltage: 40kV/200kV/440kV
√  Rated current: 12A/2.4A/1.2A
√  Working Frequency: 30-300Hz
√  Output waveform: sine wave
√  Waveform distortion rate: ≤1%
√  Working time: Constant working of 60mins under rated load. Working of 1min, under 1.1 times of rated voltage
√  Temperature rise: ≤65K after constant working of 60mins under rated load
√  Quality factor: Q ≥30 (f=45Hz)
√  Protective function: Over-current, over-voltage and flashover protections for test object.
√  Accuracy: 1.5% (RMS)


More information, please kindly contact with us: sales@sansionpower.com, or sansionpower@hotmail.com, we can customize the suitable test set according your requirements and give you the best quotation. Thank you!