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Motor Testing System

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SXDJ Integrated AC MOTOR Testing Bench



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The SXDJ is applied for ex-work and after maintaining testing on AC motor, DC motor and variable frequency motor with which capacity of 0-10000KW and voltage degree 0-10KV.

The system is integrated with industry PC, power source system, controlling system, sensor, signal adjusting module, data sampling hardware & software, numerical computing software, graphical display & operation software, test report generating, waveform & measuring results storage and printing software. 

♦   Fully English interface, auto printing, easy to operate.

♦   Motor AC hipot testing part is portably designed, easy to move.

♦   For HV motor of capacity 630KW-9000KW, voltage 6KV-10000V, it is needed to be equipped with 10KV booster, 10KV HV CT/PT and etc. 

Main Testing Items:

♦  Electric Strength

♦  Measuring condition

♦  Insulation Resistance

♦  Cold Resistance

♦  Low Starting Current

♦  Locked-rotor Current

♦  No-Load Power

♦  No-Load Current

♦  Leakage Current

♦  Turn-To-Turn Insulation