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Lightning Arrestter Tester

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SXYZ-I Metal Oxide Arrester Tester is applied to measure and analyze the leakage current of MOA. Main purpose is to measure the resistive current to check the health of Metal Oxide Arresters, It can detect dangerous problems inside the arresters such as insulation moisture and valve plate aging.

♦  Advanced microcomputer controlling centre, safe and reliable.

♦  Adopts special weak signal sensor, to isolate against test MOA.

♦  Large LCD screen.

♦  To analyze and save the first 20 times test results, easy to operate.

♦  Built-in printer.

♦  Measuring parameter and range:

    Test voltage:0-500kV

    Triple harmonic voltage: 0-500kV

    Full current (peak value):0-20mA

    Triple harmonic current: 0-20mA

    Resistive current (peak value):0-20mA

    Capacitive current (peak value):0-20mA

     MOA power consumption:0-99W

     Voltage and full current waveform also can be displayed.

♦   Measuring accuracy:

     Test voltage: ±5%

     Full current: ±5%

     Resistive current: ±5%

     Capacitive current: ±10%

     Arrestor power consumption: ±5%

♦   Input signal:

     Voltage: PT LV side AC 5-200V

     Current: AC 0-10mA

♦   AC power source:AC 200V ±10%,50Hz ±2%