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SANSION POWER SXBP series Resonant test system (RTS) are designed for testing middle, high and ultra-high voltage power cables, capacitors, power transformers, generators, GIS switchgears and more.

Resonant test system (RTS)

Contact us test@sansionpower.com, Sansion Power has a technically experienced expertise team to select correctly designed resonant test set for you.

● Variable Inductance Resonant (VL) Test System

● Variable Frequency Resonant (VF) Test System

● Partial Discharge Resonant (PD) Test System

● CVT Resonant Test System

● Cylinder Type Stackable (Cascade) Reactors

● Tank Type Reactors

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Features & Benefits

The resonant test system is mainly composited by:

Variable frequency power supply

Auto frequency sweeping, hunting the resonant point, and display sweeping curve, frequency range 30-300Hz.Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz.Test mode: Auto/Semi-auto/Manual.LCD touch screen, friendly interface.Fully protect functions: Power down, over current, over voltage and flash over and etc.High stability and reliability.

Capacitive Divider

Pure capacitance dividing.Equalizing ring is made of Aluminum alloy materials.Aluminum alloy carrying case.

Exciting Transformer

Level A heat-resistant insulation.Insulated structure, copper wires, cold rolled silicon-steel sheet.Continuously working duration reach to 90 minutes under rated condition.


Cylinder or tank type, for separate uses, and series / parallel set-ups.Epoxy resin casting, high mechanical and insulating property.

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